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Emilo Spezialitätenrösterei, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Emanuel Clemm, the young and innovative entrepreneur and roastmaster of the premium quality Emilo Spezialitätenrösterei, had a dream when he was a teenager that one day he would roast superb tasting coffee in his own company. With a head brimming with ideas and a heart full of passion, he scraped together all his funds and savings and in 2012 made this dream come true in the heart of Munich. Very soon the dream turned into an expanding business. Many coffee lovers found their way to his address and he had to rent larger premises and buy a new and larger state-of-the-art roasting machine. Emanuel created a beautiful brand, special elegant packages in black and white with vibrant banderoles which have by now become his trademark, and from there has proceeded to develop more than 40 different blends, single origins and organic coffees and espressos until this day.

Always striving for perfection and the highest quality possible, Emanuel buys select coffee beans that come from all over the world, roasts them himself slowly and carefully and the result is then packaged by hand on the premises. “Only the best from the bean to the cup” is not only a slogan, it is a promise he and his team take very seriously and that keeps the customers coming, from the finest restaurants and delicatessen stores to the many coffee aficionados. Special blends and packaging can also be created for individual customers on demand and the Emilo company always makes sure that only the most delicious coffee and espresso finds its way into the coffee lover’s cup.

Many friends of the excellent ‘black gold’ asked if they could try the different products first hand and the idea of a cozy café was born. Situated in Munich’s city center, in the popular Glockenbach quarter, a hub for young artists, dancers and actors, it has become a hot spot for coffee lovers who sip their cup and enjoy the various sweet treats that come fresh from the oven daily.

Emilo is also very involved in different social projects from being the godfather and sponsor of the female polar bear Nela, born in Munich’s Hellabrunn Zoo, to municipal theater projects for young actors, food for the needy and support for multiple sclerosis patients. Being an active and caring member of the community plays a great role in the company’s philosophy.

Roast Style
Medium – Dark
Emanuel Clemm, Founder